Theory Courses and classes


I Lionel Taylor have been teaching aviation theory full time here at Moorabbin since 1982. Prior to then I taught PPL and CPL theory part time while instructing at Essendon.

One of my first students was Michael Van Der Zypp.

I teach for all licence levels. PPL through to ATPL, both fixed wing and Heli.

Additionally, I prepare people for IREX and AG rating exams.

I provide my students with copies of my own notes and practice papers.

do not simply read from one of the Bob Tait textbooks. I continually strive to improve my teaching methods and I myself never stop learning.

Aside from my aviation theory courses, I also coach maths and physics for year 11 and year 12 students.


Passing your theory whether it is for PPL or Commercials requires dedication, time and focus. Doing the theory part, properly
is an asset which will help you throughout your flying.

At Helicopter Group we offer theory courses catered for your helicopter training .
The courses include Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Licence Subjects, Instrument Rating Theory (IREX) and ATPL Subjects.
We also offer licence conversion training for people with overseas licence (PPL & CPL)

Additionally, we can offer in house theory courses at Helicopter Group.

What course you need to do

For Private Pilot, you need to do PPLH Theory course with us which includes all the 7 Subjects and is examined in one
online exam with duration of 3.5 hours.

For Commercial Students, you will need to do the 7 Subjects individually within a two years period starting from the date of your
first sitting .

Some of the subjects like Human factors and performances could be studied at home but sitting in the class with an instructor will
make your life easier and gets you a certain pass in the exam.

The best order to study the subjects

You can start with Aerodynamics and Aircraft General Knowledge then tap into Navigation and Meteorology and then finish it off
with Performance & Planning, Airlaw and finally Human factors.

Courses Schedule

The following schedule outlines some of the courses we do as well as IREX and ATPL’s which are conducted on demand by a fully certified Instrument Rated Instructor/Pilot