PPL – Private Pilot Licence


FLIGHT TIME – Civil Aviation of Australia (CASA) Regulations require a minimum of 50 hoursflight time.

MEDICAL – obtained from CASA certified doctor.

Concessions for Aeroplane Licences

The Civil Aviation Regulations allows a reduction in the minimum hours of training in a helicopter if you hold an Aeroplane Licence.

If you hold or intend obtaining a COMMERCIAL AEROPLANE LICENCE (CPLA) the minimum hours are as follows:

  • PRIVATE LICENCE (PPLH) 38 hours and pass on PPL(H)  exam.
  • COMMERCIAL LICENCE (CPLH) 60 hours and pass on Aerodynamics, Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge and Performance Loading exams.

The final 30 hours must be completed within 3 months otherwise the minimum requirement is 70 hours.

NOTE: If you are thinking of obtaining your Aeroplane Licence prior to your helicopter training, please contact us to discuss the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. We can also arrange your aeroplane theory and flight training.