CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence


FLIGHT TIME- If the pilot does not hold an Australian Aeroplane Licence he /she must complete one of the following courses prior to sitting a flight test:

125 hour course- 
No limitation in time taken to complete flight hours.
No limitation on the number of different helicopters flown.

105-hour course- 
The final 30 hours must be completed within 3 months.
Maximum – two types of helicopter flown.
First 15 hours must be on one type of helicopter.
Minimum – 20 hours on each aircraft.


  • Helicopter aerodynamics. 70% minimum pass
  • Helicopter performance, operations and flight planning.  70% minimum pass
  • Engines (piston), systems and instrumentation. 70%minimum pass
  • Meteorology.  70% minimum pass
  • Flight Navigation.  70% minimum pass
  • Flight rules procedures.  80% minimum pass
  • Human performance and limitations. 70% minimum pass

MEDICAL – obtained from CASA certified doctor.